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Watchlist panel shows brief pricing information on selected instruments, which you can group into lists. Each symbol added to watchlist can be removed via the context menu on the symbol’s row. You can also clear all list via the context menu.

How to add a new symbol to the watchlist

You can add a symbol to the watchlist through any of the steps below:

Chart Context Menu

Chart Bottom Bar

Watchlist Symbol Lookup

How to launch a chart from the Watchlist

Clicking on the Symbols text will launch the chart

How to delete a symbol from the watchlist

You can delete any symbol from your watchlist by either clicking the X symbol to the far right of every record in the watchlist OR through the context menu

How to import or export watchlist

You need to open the watchlist and select Import Watchlist or Export Watchlist from the drop-down menu or from the buttons in the bottom bar

Please note that the input file must be in the .txt format and symbols should have the exchange prefix and comma separated (the same as seen in the output file):

I want to add or remove columns to the watchlist

You can add and remove columns of your choice from the Fields dropdown as shown below

How to change the colors in the watchlist?

How to flag the symbols and filter them?

GoCharting allows user to choose from any of the five colors given below to flag the symbols

How do I sort my watchlist

By clicking on the column header in the watchlist table

Manage my Watchlists

You can create upto five(5) watchlists under the FREE plan.

Create New Watchlist: To create a New Watclist, select “Create New Watchlist”. A new popup will appear asking the user to name the watchlist. Once confirmed, a new watchlist is created on our cloud servers and will appear under the existing saved watchlist section

Watchlist Hotkeys/Shortcuts

Press F1 to open up the Hotkeys Dialgoue

A minimalistic demo