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Vertical Line

Usage #

Vertical lines are often used to highlight some section of time within a data series.

Appearance #

In Appearance property dialog it is possible to change the appearance of a Vertical Line:

Line #

Can change the color and opacity of the vertical line as well as its thickness and the line style.

Text #

When Show Text checkbox is active, a text for displaying beside the Horizontal Line may be entered in the text box. Text color and opacity, font size, bold and italic attribute may be assigned in the drop-downs next to the checkbox. Text Alignment drop-downs allow to set the text position along the Horizontal Ray.

Shape #

In Shape properties dialog you can set precisely the position of the Vertical Line on the time scale by setting the bar number:

Bar # #

Allows for the precise placement of the vertical line using a bar number.

View #

In View properties dialog you can switch displaying of a Vertical Line drawing on charts of different timeframes:

Keyboard Shortcut: ALT + Y #

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