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Trading Off Charts

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GoCharting allows you to trade off our charts. There are multiple ways to perform the following key trading functions:

  • Order Placement
  • Order Modification
  • Order Cancellation
  • Position Cancellation
  • Position Reversal

Order Placement #

Order can be placed on the exchange and seen on the chart using the following:

  1. Trade Panel
  2. Chart Context Menu
  3. Hotkeys

Chart Context Menu Order Placement: #

When you right click on the chart a Context Menu will appear. The menu will have smart options on trading to choose from:

  • Buy/Sell Limit Order
  • Buy/Sell Market Order
  • Buy/Sell Stop Order

The algorithm is smart enough to decipher whether the possible order will be a BUY or SELL depending on the position of the mouse relative to the Last Trade Price. For example if the LTP is INR 2064.35 and you have placed the mouse at INR 1991.56, the algo determines that the mouse is positioned below the LTP and will sccordingly provide the below intelligent options to choose from:

  • Buy LMT @1991.56
  • Buy MKT
  • Sell STOP @1991.56

Order Modification #

GoCharting allows modification of all open orders (subject to broker restrictions) drectly off the charts by moving the Open Order line with the mouse

Order Cancellation #

GoCharting allows cancel open orders (subject to broker restrictions) drectly off the charts by clicking the “X” on the Open Order line

Closing/Reversing Positions #

GoCharting allows users to close and reverse their existing open positions directly from the chart

Lets see all this in action on Bitmex


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