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Save Chart Layout

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Save Chart Layout is a feature that allows a user to save their charts layouts and the platform profile onto our Cloud servers

A user can save upto 50 chart layouts on our cloud under the FREE Plan while they can scale the storage to 300 charts under the Premium Plans

The Chart Layout Manager appears in the form of a SAVE button in the Bottom Bar. Clicking the button will open up a menu as shown below

There are two kinds of elements that are stored on the GoCharting clouds

  • App/Platform Profile
  • Chart Layouts

App/Platform Profile #

The App/Platform Profile is linked to a user’s account and a user can only have one Profile on the platform. The features which are part of the Platform/App Profile are

Chart Layout #

Chart Layout comprises of one or more charts grouped under a “name” with user defined set if Indicator, Drawings and other objects – each component styled per user requirements

Create a New Layout #

A new popup will appear where you will be asked to provide a name for the active layout. Once saved, a success confirmation will appear on the right top corner of the screen

Create a new Chart Layout

Make sure AUTOSAVE is checked to enable automatic saving of your active Chart Layout and App Profile every 300 seconds #

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