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Usage #

The Ray is similar to the Horizontal Ray except that it can be orientated in any direction. The first point of a ray defines the origin, and the second point defines the direction. To draw it, place the initial point at any location on the chart and the second point in the desired direction. The ray will extend in that direction indefinitely.

Appearance #

In Appearance property dialog it is possible to change the appearance of the Ray: 

Line #

Sets the color, opacity, thickness and style of a Ray.

Type #

Allows shift of style between Line, Ray and X-line.

Shape #

In Shape properties dialog you can set precisely the position of the Ray’s initial points on the price scale (by setting the price) and the time scale (by setting the bar number):

Price P1 #

Allows for the precise placement of the ray’s first point (Price 1) using a bar number and price.

Price P2 #

Allows for the precise placement of the ray’s second point (Price 2) using a bar number and price.

View #

In View properties dialog you can switch displaying of the Ray on charts of different timeframes:

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