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Orderflow in GoCharting

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GoCharting trading platform provides Orderflow Analysis, an advanced analytical functionality, which allows you to see the traded volume at each price level, assess the balance between buyers and sellers and understand the intentions of traders regarding the future price

A video explaining Orderflow Setup in GoCharting #

Orderflow module in GoCharting comprises of the following components

  1. Cluster Charts (a.k.a. Footprint chart or OrderFlow chart)
  2. Imbalance Charts
  3. Fixed, Session and Composite Volume Profile
  4. Market Profile aka TPO
  5. Delta Bars and Cumulative Delta
  6. Bar/Time Statistics — volume data per each bar in table form
  7. Power Trades Scanner
  8. Algorithmic Imbalance Support/Resistance
  9. Time & Sales
  10. Depth of Market aka DOM
  11. Orderbook
  12. VWAP — multiple VWAP lines for a single chart
  13. VWAP Bands
  14. Anchored aka Custom VWAP — can be attached to any selected bar as a starting calculation point

Data types of Volume Analysis Tools #

Almost all volume analysis tools have the same Data Types, which can be specified in the settings:

  • Trades — it’s the number of contracts (trades) that executed at each price level.
  • Buy (or Sell) trades — it’s the number of Buy (or Sell) trades that executed at each price level.
  • Volume — the total size of all positions that executed at each price level or price range.
  • Buy (or Sell) Volume — the total size of all Buy (or sell) positions that executed at each price level or price range.
  • Buy (or Sell) Volume, % — shows how many percent of the total volume relates to Buy (or Sell) trades
  • Buy / Sell Volume — simultaneous display of buy and sell volume on one histogram
  • Delta and Delta % — shows the difference in traded Volume between Buyers and Sellers. It allows evaluating who controls the price on the market at a given time. Delta % = Prominent Side Volume / Volume * 100
  • Cumulative Delta — the data is built by adding the current delta value with each subsequent delta value for the certain period of time (or number of bars).
  • Point of Control (POC) – Price level showing highest volume activity
  • VWAP, BVWAP, SVWAP — shows VWAP, Buyers VWAP and Sellers VWAP on every candle

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