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The Orderbook provides a stacked tabular view of all the bids and asks. The default view cumulates the bids and asks at every price level defined by the the aggregation button + and – in the center of the panel.

Another interesting concept that we can view on the Orderbook is Spread and Top of the Book

The highest bid and the lowest ask are referred to as the top of the book. They are interesting because they signal the prevalent market and the bid and ask price that would be needed to get an order fulfilled

Spread = Best Bid Price – Best Ask Price #

The Orderbook provides the following information in a tabular format for every bid and ask aggregated at a given price level

  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Amount = Price X Quantity

A standard typical Orderbook looks like below where the price is on the X-Axis and the y-axis is cumulative order depth. Bids (buyers) on the left, asks (sellers) on the right.

The GoCharting Orderbook repesents the same information in a slightly different format. The RED bars indicate cumulative (left image) and non-cumulative (right image) asks whereas the GREEN bars indicate the cumulative (left image) and non-cumulative (right image) bids

Can we plot the bids and asks on the price chart #

Yes, it is possible in GoCharting. Please see the video below

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