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Options Desk – General Layout

The general layout of the Platform comrises of the following segments:

  1. Main Top Bar
  2. Bottom Bar
  3. Left Side Bar
  4. Right Side Bar
  5. Main Content

Top Bar

The Top Bar is a customized Ribbon Bar.

The important controls on the Top Bar comprise of:

  1. Symbol Lookup
  2. Option Symbol Dropdowns
  3. Notifications Bell
  4. General Settings
  5. Price Chart Layers
  6. Options Chain Mode Selector
  7. Number of Strikes in Options Chain Dropdown
  8. Options Chain Field Selector
Options Desk Header

Bottom Bar

The contents of the Bottom Bar are fixed in nature. The main controls on the Bottom Bar include:

  1. Fullscreen Mode
  2. Theme Chooser (Dark/Light…)
  3. Save Settings Control
  4. Strategy Builder
  5. Trade Ledger
  6. Discord Support Control
  7. Platform Hotkeys
  8. Github Bug Reporter
Options Desk Bottom Bar

Left/Right Side Bar:

The contents in the Left, Right Sidebar and Main Contents sections are completely customizable and can house any component of your choice.

Every component within these segments are

  1. Draggable
  2. Resizable
  3. Popup-able (Multi Window Support)

An example is seen below

The Left and Right Bars house the following components by default and is configurable

Left Bar

Right Bar