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Indicators or Studies are statistical analyses on price, time and volume with an effort to either explain current turn of events in the market or predict/forecast future prices

How to Add an Indicator #

An Indicator can be added from

  • The top bar indicator menu OR
  • The left hand side panel

Main Components of the Indicator #

Every Indicator in your chart is seen as an object on a canvas layer. Consequently, every indicator/study is part of your Layers Panel.

The main components of an Indicator are:

Layers Objects #

Every indicator in the Layers Panel has a collapsible header showing the name and a few control buttons. Clicking on the Collapsible Header will open a drawer with detailed settings of the indicator.

Few common functions on all Objects in the Layers Panel

  • Customize the Indicator Labels
  • Toggle the Edge Coordinators
  • Change the appearance of the series
  • Reset Defaults

Lets see them in action

Tooltip/Legend #

Right or simple click on a indicator tooltip/legend will open up a Context Menu with various controls to manage yoFur tool

  • Add Indicator: Add an Indicator on an existing Indicator. This is an extremely rare feature and allows up to develop complex strategies based on indicators built on top of the existing indicators. Such as a EMA on RSI.
  • Apply Default: It will reset the appearance of the indicator to factory settings
  • Edit Settings: It will open up the Indicator Settings Dialogue
  • Object Order: It will help you move your indicators to the foreground or background
  • Add To Favourites: Favouritize the subject tool and add it to the Indicators Favourite section (Indicators Menu on the Top Bar Ribbon)
  • Clone: It will create a clone of your existing Indicator.
  • Hide: Toggle the visibility of the Indicator.
  • Delete: Remove the Indicator

What is the easiest way to change the Indicator Settings (single click please)? #

Clicking on the Tooltip “Settings” icon will open up the Indicator Settings Dialogue.  The panel is draggable and it has a memory coordinates built-in – meaning you can place it per your convenience on the browser

How do I Add Indicator on Indicator #

Click on the Indicator series legend and select “Add Indicator” option


A new Indicator selection menu will appear to choose from


All Indicators which derive its value from another indicator will have their underlying series mentioned in their own series legend.

Below is an example of a MACD built on a Simple Moving Average


Finally, these indicators will come with a derivative symbol [f′(x)] on the Layers Tab


How do I manage my favourite indicators? #

The heart Icon next to every indicator in the Indicator Menu is used to favouritize the indicator

How do I manage my favourite combination of indicators? #

You manage your favourite combination of indicators using the Template feature

How do I push my Market and Volume Profile behind the candles? #

Object Order decides the visisbility order

How do I manage all the Edge Coordinates? #

All Edge Coordinates are managed through the Price Axes Context Menu

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