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An account is required to gain access to the platform’s paid features even for a trial period

GoCharting account (Account) is a part of Licensing functionality. It is required to bind a paid licenses for GoCharting software and its add-ons per account holder.

Once you start using our platform, you will need to register and create an account to save and manage your personal chart settings, indicator templates, watchlists and many more. We offer login through two possible ways.

  1. GoCharting Email + Password (Mode # 1)
  2. Google Single Sign On (Mode #2)

Please ensure the login method (Google Sign On or GoCharting Email + Password) is same as what you used while making the payment. Your paid account is tagged to a combination of your Email ID and the login method. Example, using same gmail ID on the two login methods will create two unique accounts on GoCharting and your paid account will be tagged to the one you used while making the payment

Account Creation #

Click on the top left corner of the GoCharting platform showing an avatar placeholder. A new Sign Up/Sign In modal will appear:

After you submit the Registration form, you will get a verification email on the address, you have specified. You should follow the link from that email to complete the Registration process.

Account Management #

You can manage your registered account through the User Dashboard. It has two major sections

  • Profile Tab
  • Billing Tab
Profile Tab #

This page is used to view and alter your account details, username, email and other perosnal and social contact details

User Dahsboard (Profile Page)

Billing Tab #

This page is used to mange your subscriptions.

  1. See you currently active subscription and payment details
  2. Change/Cancel your subscription

Please note that we allow users to alter their plan at anytime during the month with no extra alteration charges

USer Dashboard (Billing Tab)

We can also view our account summary directly from the GoCharting terminal by clicking on the profile avatar as shown below

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