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Get to know how to use and manage the Charts

Charts — is the main starting point of the platform

In this guide you will learn about the next functionalities:

  • Main components of the chart
  • How to manage the chart tooltip
  • How to zoom and pan
  • The Price and Time Axes
  • The Chart Bottom Bar
  • The Chart and Axes Context Menus
  • How to resize and maximize chart panels
  • Market Info Box

Main components of the chart #

The main components of the chart are

  1. Chart Tooltip/Legend
  2. Bottom Bar
  3. Axes
  4. Axes Context Menu
  5. Chart Context Menu
  6. Max/Min Chart Panles

How to manage the chart tooltip #

The chart tooltip provides candle level summary as you hover your mouse over a given candle. You can hide/unhide the tooltip by clicking on the Magnifying glass icon

Hide/Unhide Chart Tooltip

You can also click OR right click on the tooltip to see a menu with various options

  • Apply Default will reset chart or indicator settings to factory settings

  • Edit Settings will popup the indicator/chart settings menu
  • Ticker Info will popup the Symbol Information Dialogue

How to zoom and pan #

Depending on your device, you will either use your mouse or touch to zoom and pan the chart. Historical data is loaded on pan from left to right

Load on Pan/Zoom

The other ways to zoom are to either use the Zoom buttons or use Keyboard shortcuts (+ for Zoom in and – for zoom out) on the chart as shown below

The Price and Time Axes #

Price and Time Axes form the fundamental part of any chart. A scale defines any chart

GoCharting price and time axes are draggable and allow right click functionalities

The right click functionality open us context menus each on the price and time axes

Price Context Menu

Time Context Menu

Reset X-Axis: Resets the time scale.

Bar Countdown: Explained here

Time Zone: Change chart timezone

Important Options on the Price Axes Context Menu are explained below:

  • Reset X-Axis: Resets the price scale.
  • Lock Aspect Ratio: Explained here
  • Dual Axes: Add a Price Axis on both left and right side
  • Bar Countdown: Explained here

Doubleclicking on Time Axis will also reset the chart

GoCharting comes with the following scale types:

  • Auto Scale
  • Linear Scale
  • Log Scale
  • Root Scale
  • Log Extension Scale
  • Inverse/Flip Scale

The Chart Bottom Bar #

The primary functions within this bar are:

  1. Change chart duration
  2. Change chart timezone
  3. Toggle gridlines
  4. Add symbol to watchlist
  5. Toggle Auto and Log Scale

The Chart and Axes Context Menus #

The Axes Context Menu has already been explained and here we deal with the Chart Context Menu. Right clicking on the chart panels will open a context menu

How to resize and maximize chart panels

Chart buttons on the far right top corners allow as to maximize/minimize/reorder the charts.

Mouse allows us to drag and resize the chart panels

Market Info Box #

Market Info Box shows the current status of the exchange/market (Open/Close). Hovering on the small circle as show below toggles an information box with color coding to reflect if the market is open or close

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