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Drawing Settings

Drawing Tools are at the core of your charting module and allow you to create shapes and geometric designs associated with your trading style viz., Gann Trading, Fibonacci Setups, Trend lines etc.

How to Add a Drawing Tool #

A Drawing tool can be added from

  • The top bar drawing menu OR
  • The left hand side panel

Main Components of a Drawing Tool #

Every Drawing Tool in your chart is seen as an object on a canvas layer. Consequently, every drawing is part of your Layers Panel.

The main components on your Drawing Tool are:

  1. Layers Object
  2. Drawing Bar
  3. Context Menu
  4. Keyboard Shortcuts

Layers Objects #

Every drawing object in the Layers Panel has a collapsible header showing the name and a few control buttons

Clicking on the Collapsible Header will open a drawer with detailed settings of the drawing

Lets see these features in action now

Layers Tab drawing tool controls

Drawing Bar #

A drawing bar is a toolbar that appears when we add a drawing tool on the chart. It comprises of the most frequently used settings associated with the subject Drawing Tool. This Toolbar is smart enough to toggle visibility on its own depending on your actions on the chart. This toolbar is draggable and has memory coordinates built-in

To enhance UX and customization, we allow you to move the drawing bar around and place it per your convenience

Context Menu #

Right click on a drawing tools will open up a Context Menu with various controls to manage your tool

The main available options are

  • Apply Default: It will reset the appearance of the drawing tool to factory settings
  • Edit Settings: It will open up the Drawing Tool Settings Dialogue
  • Add To Favourites: Favouritize the subject tool and add it to the Top Bar Ribbon
  • Object Order: It will help you move your drawing tools to the foreground or background
  • Clone: It will create a clone of your existing Drawing Tool. A possible keyboard shortcut is CTRL + C
  • Hide: Toggle the visibility of the Drawing Tool
  • Delete: Remove the Drawing Tool
  • Show Measure: Toggle Visibility of the Info Box that provides statistics (Price, Time, Bars, Angles) associated with every vortex of the Drawing Tool
  • Edges: When enabled, the Edge Coordinates of each of the vortex of the subject Drawing Tool is always visible
  • Lock Drawing: As name suggest, it will lock the drawing tool to a give position and disable drag and movement of the tool relative to the chart

Lets see all of them in action

How do I add and manage my favourite Drawing Tools? #

The Top Bar acts as a Customized Ribbon to house all your favourite tools including the Drawing Tools

My Drawing Tool is blocking the candle view. Can I push to the background? #

What is the easiest way to open the Drawing Settings Dialogue? #


Any Shortcut to delete the Drawing Tool? #

Yes, DELETE button on your keyboard

Keyboard Shortcuts: Press F1 to open the Shortcut Dialogue Panel

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