GoCharting Docathlon


Connections are means to communicate to your broker/exchange from GoCharting platform

GoCharting is currently integrated with the following brokers:

  1. Binance (Cryptocurrency Spot and Futures)
  2. Bitmex (Cyptocurrency)
  3. Deribit (Cryptocurrency)
  4. Coinbase (Cryptocurrency)
  5. Fyers (Indian Stock Broker)
  6. Bybit (Cryptocurrency)
  7. Kotak Secuirties (Indian Stock Broker)
  8. IIFL Securities (Indian Stock Broker)
  9. 5 Paisa (Indian Stock Broker)
  10. ICICI Direct (Indian Stock Broker)

These connections basically input the user’s API credentials to establish a communication channel with the target broker so that you can live trade off the GoCharting charts

The Brokers Panel house the list of exchanges/brokers that GoCharting is integrated with. This list is growing everyday and we suggest you check this space from time to time

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