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Connection To Kotak Securities

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Kotak Securities is an Indian Stock Broker operating on the all major Indian stock exchanges (NSE, BSE and MCX). GoCharting leverages Kotak Trading APIs to create a connection and enable live trading off GoCharting charts on NSE

To connect GoCharting to Kotak securities broker, you will need API Keys from the Kotak API Dashboard.

Its a one time setup effort and so lets go step-by-step.

STEP 1: Keep your Trading User ID and Password handy #
STEP 2: Go to Kotak Securities API registration page and enter your credentials from Step # 1. On successful login, you will be shown terms and conditions. Scroll down to accept the disclaimer and your registration will be done. Another set of Username and Password will be provided to you over email, which are ONLY to be used for the API web portal. #

STEP 3: The link to your API webportal will be sent over email along with the credentials. Go to the webportal and enter your username and password. #

STEP 4: On successful login to the Kotak Developer Portal (API Manager), you will find a tab called Applications on the top bar. Click it #

STEP 5: Click on the Default Application already created. DO NOT try and Add New Application #

STEP 6: Click on OAuth2 Token under “Production Keys” in the left hand sidebar #

STEP7: Now you can see the field Consumer Key and Access Token which we need. One small step before we end this process. Change the Access Token Validity Period to -2. This will ensure the tokens are perpetual in nature and do not expire. #


Enter Validity as -2 and click on Generate.

Updated access token will appear. You can close this pop-up as Access Token will be updated in the webpage as well.

STEP 8: Go To GoCharting terminal and selct Kotak Securities from the right hand sidebar. Fill up the form as shown below #

Now agree to the Terms & Conditions and finally click on the Connect button.

Want to register for Neo TradeAPIs #

Here is the link

Once you have registered for Neo TradeAPI, you will receive an email from This will contain a Portal URL to access APIs and its Username and Password.

The WSO2 API Manager Link :

Login to this site using the username and password shared on your registered email id


You can access your unique consumer key and consumer secrete under Application > defaultApplication

STEP I : Go to Applications

STEP II : Go To defultApplication

Generate Your Access Token : #

AccessToken is the parameter which you need to pass under headers as Authorization

To generate access token go to defaultApplication, below your consumer key filed

Generate Access Token Button is available. You can get the token directly from there or you can use the CURL Command which is available beside the generate access token button to generate your token.

Set Expiry of Access Token : #

To set expiry of access token, go to Key Configuration as shown in below image Insert Long value in below mentioned fields eg: 36000000000000

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