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Anchor VWAP and Bands

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Anchored VWAP or Custom VWAP tool allows drawing a VWAP line within a specified range or from a specified starting point.

Anchor VWAP #

Specify the start point on the chart and anchored VWAP will draw a line to the current moment. Also, you can specify the Standard Deviation and Maximum Permissible Deviation.

How to add Anchor VWAP to the chart #

To activate the Anchored VWAP, you can right click on any candle in the chart and choose Add AVWAP from the contect menu

Lets look at it in action now

Clicking on the Gear Icon will open up the Anchor VWAP Settings Dialogue

Options #

Period: By default, the Period will be “Session” and is not relevant to this indicator.

Anchor: Anchor toggle manages the anchor nature of the indicator

Standard Deviation Bands. When the parameter is active, the standard deviation lines up and down from VWAP will be additionally calculated on the chart. Specify the number of standard deviations in the “Value” field

Appearance #

VWAP line — set the main line type, its thickness and color

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