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Templates allow you to store your necessary tools with the correct set of options and styles

GoCharting platform allow you to save two types of Templates

  • Indicator Templates
  • Drawing Tools Templates

Indicator Templates #

Indicator Template control can be selected from the Top Bar – which when added, will form part of the Top Bar Ribbon

Indicator templates allow you to group a combination of indicators/studies and save them on the GoCharting cloud servers for persistence under a name.

GoCharting allows you to save as upto 50 indicator templates which can be applied to any of the symbols wherever applicable

Lets see it in action

GoCharting does not allow saving Indicator on Indicator in the templates #

Drawing Templates #

Drawing Templates are part of every Drawing Tool Settings Dialogue. While the Indicator Template creates a combination of different indicators/studies, the Drawing Templates stores different instances of a given tool with various combinations of styles and options applied

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