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Interactive Text

Usage #

A text box instrument allows the user to make annotations on the chart easily. This standard text box is attached to a certain point on a chart and moves along with the chart as the user scrolls it into the past or future. This means that the text box may get out of view.

Appearance #

In Appearance property dialog it is possible to change the text format and appearance of the text container:

General Options #

Allows you to change the text color and font size. You can also choose to bold and/or italicize the text.

Text Box #

Text content of the text box to be typed here.

Fill #

Toggles the visibility, color and opacity level for a text box background.

Border #

Toggles the visibility of a border for the text box. Can also change the border color.

Font #

Choose the font-size, font styled, font weight and font of the text

View: #

In View properties dialog you can switch the Text tool displaying on charts of different timeframes:

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